The Things I Can’t Live Without! (And the things I can)


     If you are going to own just ONE thing to make your life with some ridiculous chronic illness, it must be THIS cooling vest! First of all, I can appreciate that it is not one of those bulky cooling vests that make you look like you are preparing to board a life raft. Secondly, this baby keeps me cool for up to 6 hours in the sweltering heat of Florida. It’s been a total lifesaver. It’s super comfortable, the creator of this vest is a super awesome dude, and I’m way grateful that I can wear something that is unnoticeable under my clothes and also keeps me from having a heat-related flare-up!


I never thought I’d live to see the day I was excited about fiber… but here I am… I actually love everything about these Prebiotic fiber gummies. They’re all natural, taste great, and I think there is nothing more important than protecting your digestive system when becoming proactive about your health. I would definitely recommend BeLive Prebiotic fiber gummies to anyone and everyone. (Definitely beats the heck out of drinking some nasty orange powder or eating a bunch of prunes… 0