Long Time No See!


Wow! Has it really been 3 months since I last wrote a blog post?! Time has just flown! I’ve missed you guys! I want to know how you’re doing. How are you feeling? Que Pasa mi Amigos?!

I’m presently on a few kicks, one of those being essential oils. I’ve been spending LOTS of time researching how essential oils can benefit us Spoonies and using them myself. (I can’t tell you how great, or not great, they are if I don’t become a Guinea pig right? The next series of blogs I’m going to be writing about will center around balancing our mind, bodies, and spirits. This will include chats about essential oils, how what we eat affects our health, and things to avoid. (All of this coming from personal experience of course. I’m no expert, just passionate) What shall we call this series? “Chronically Healthy?”  “My body sucks but I’m going to love it anyways?” I’m open to suggestions.

As I get ready to roll out this new series, I would SUPER appreciate if your could spread the love! Sign up to follow my blog, like and share my FB page, give me a high five! My goal is to reach anyone that needs to be reached. If I can help just one person through sharing my personal journey, then I have done my job!

Namaste my friends. Peace, Love, and Blessings to you all.

2 thoughts on “Long Time No See!”

  1. I’m so happy you’re back!! I’m a huge essential oil user myself, have a diffuser and LOVE IT! I buy my oils on amazon as I’ve found them to be cheaper. But, there’s a women at a post office that I go to that is so incredibly nice to me. She sells dōTERRA essential oils. She knows about my TM and asthma & has given me sample plus a free Breathe bottle!! She’s the sweetest women ever! I’m happy to know you’re giving them a try.
    Amazon sells cheap, but really great diffusers. One of my favorite box sets that I bough on amazon was the sinus relief oils + headache relief. It does wonders! Again, happy to see your blog post is back! I’ve missed it!!


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