Pregnancy with Chronic Illness

Week 2…

baby jax 2 weeks

My body has gone totally off the wall. Every nerve ending in my body feels exposed, I’m running fevers, and I feel terrible. Thankfully I was able to get in to my neurologist quickly so she could try to get this wonky body straightened out. Since our bodies are neuro-protected when we are pregnant, it’s not uncommon for them to be totally out of whack after the baby comes but Good Lord, this has tested my limits physically and emotionally. I’ve started high dose steroids (ugh…I super hate taking steroids) but at this point my doctor could have told me I needed to roll around in pig crap for a week straight to feel better and I would have happily obliged. The headaches that I didn’t have for the last 9 months have come back to visit me daily. They are super unwelcomed but just like that relative that comes unannounced and overstays her welcome, my headaches have moved in, unpacked their bags, and brought their feral cat with them.

My ridiculous body aside, Baby Jax is doing well. He is still being monitored for his tremors with weekly doctors visits but he’s gaining weight, eating like a champ (I swear I breastfeed this kiddo 27 hours a day), and is otherwise very healthy. I worry, like every new mom, about every little thing. Is he pooping normal? Am I producing enough breastmilk? Is that sound he’s making OK? You would think he was my 1st and not my 5th, but with all of the medications I take, and the worry I have that they will affect him adversely, I’m a bit of a hot mess with him. His awesome pediatrician assures me that he is doing well, though, and that he is right on track. He is super strong and just the sweetest baby. Hopefully by next week, I’ll be feeling more human and his tremors will slow down a bit more.

One thing I know for sure is that we are so in love with this tiny human…and it has all been so worth it!

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