Chronically Pregnant – Week 36


Ok, the belly has officially outgrown all of my maternity clothes. Mid drift shirts aren’t totally appropriate summer attire  when you’re pregnant right?! Two weeks until baby day and there is no way I’m buying more maternity clothes. I’m thinking maybe I could bring the toga back in style.

Big belly and pouty face aside, I’ve actually had quite a bit of energy this week. It’s been really refreshing to be able to just feel a bit more functional. The hardest part of having energy is definitely trying not to overdo it. When you’re chronically sick, the first thing you want to do when you’re feeling better is take over the world… or at least mop the floors and get through the mile high pile of laundry you haven’t been able to do. I’m having to remind myself to set a slower pace and reel it in a bit. All that overextending myself ever got me was more time served in the confines of my bed.

Our bodies can be so beyond frustrating. All we want to do is live a “normal” life and be active! When you have a chronic illness, that can be just too much to ask for. Being able to adapt is the only way to maintain our body, mind, and spirit.

A few things I do (or try to do) to keep myself in check when the energy is flowing:

1. I set a timer. I’ll allow myself 20 minutes to be active, getting that laundry done, cleaning around the pool, etc. Then it’s 30 minutes of rest. This little work mambo has been very beneficial.

2. My sweetie is my accountability partner. If he knows that I’m going to be running around with kids, staying busy with work, etc., he keeps me in check. He will call/text frequently to make sure I’m not wearing myself down and I’m very thankful for that! Sometimes time just slips by and I don’t even realize I’m way overextending myself.



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